Meet Abroad101 Global Ambassador, Kellie James


Kellie is an Abroad101 Global Ambassador blogging from Paris, France.

Each semester Abroad101 chooses the most compelling student bloggers, photographers, and videographers to serve as Global Ambassadors.  As GAs, these students are tasked to document their adventures in a way that is inspiring, exciting, honest, and transformative.  Through the well crafted words and images of our Global Ambassadors, our readers are able to travel the world right along with them. Continue reading

Guest Blog Spotlight: My Nontraditional Study Abroad – at the Sorbonne

Guest Blogger: Angela Arnold

Most people study abroad during their college or their high school years. I decided to do things differently and study abroad as a full time teacher and graduate student.

You see, I studied French in high school and came to love the language and culture. During my college years, I had a single-minded quest to graduate as quickly as possible and start living my life. Study abroad never entered the picture. Continue reading