A Summer Away from your Sweetie – A Guide to Long Distance Relationships


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Aunt Owwee

It’s not Valentines Day, but there are many reasons to be thinking of your significant other in the coming months. This rings especially true for college students who are about to begin a long distance relationship for the summer or longer. Those preparing for a summer abroad may be leaving someone behind, or those returning to the U.S. from an amazing semester with a new loved one, will likely be feeling sadness and stress. First, know that you are not alone! Plenty of couples go through long distance relationships and find ways to successfully make it work. It may not be easy, but that’s what makes it worth it, right?Right!

For those of you who’ve already spent hours on Google searching for articles on long distance relationships, hoping for some flicker of support, give up the search as we’ve compiled a list below of some pretty good resources where you can find solace. Make sure you read all the way through #10!

Long distance love

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1) Her Campus: How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work Over the Summer

2)  The Student Journals: Oceans Apart – The Key to Long Distance Dating

3) Student Tourism: Fairly Tales Do Come True

4) International Student Services at Ryerson University: Long Distance Relationships a Reality for many International Students on Valentines Day

5) Abroad101 Blog: Long Distance Relationship Guide

6) Abroad101 Blog: To Be or Not To Be (Together) : Long Distance Relationships

7) Long Distance Relationships that Last: Long Distance Relationships During College

8 New York Daily News: Distance Makes Heart Grow Fonder – Does It?

9) TimesUnion.com – We Made It!

10) This one’s for fun! The Five Year Engagement with Jason Segel: Premise is that he and his fiance are in a long distance relationship. View the trailer for the movie  here.