How To Stay Fit And Have Fun in Chengdu, China!

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Below Submitted by Danielle Au, Global Ambassador in Chengdu, China

Run by Eric Nelson (eric_nelson) on
Run by Eric Nelson

Exercise abroad!? How!?

It is extremely hard to stay fit or exercise when you travel because your routine could be completely different, but it is possible if you put your mind to it and keep up with it.

Here is the deal: You can work out at the gym but it is either expensive, around 70USD a month or it’s not a nice gym. The gym I went to in Beijing smelled like smoke and the highest dumbbell was 30lb.

So how do I stay fit while abroad?! CROSSFIT! Why is it so good? Because it requires NO equipment and NO gym. It is all based on how hard you push yourself.

Also my other classmates love running, and since there are so many awesome parks in Chengdu, you can just go out and run one day. The best thing is all these solutions are FREE!

When you’re done exercising and you want to go have fun, what do you do? Nightlife in Chengdu!

Chengdu by night by Viet Hung (VietHung) on
Chengdu by night by Viet Hung

The nightlife in Chengdu is awesome! But it’s also dependent on the group of people you go out with. There is one club that we always go to and it’s called Imperial. If you go to Chengdu and want to have a good time, GO TO IMPERIAL. Just tell your cab driver: Lan Kwai Fong (they know where to go)

Also if clubbing is not your thing, there is a street with over 30 bars. It is awesome! There are also plenty of Western, Irish, and other pubs all over Chengdu. Good luck with your easy ways to stay fit and have fun in Chengdu!


What is there to do in Chengdu, China?

Chengdu is one of the big cities in China so there is a lot to do. In my short five weeks, I found several must-see sights you have to do when you visit Chengdu.


Chengdu, China

Hangin' at the park in Chengdu!

1) Parks: Chengdu has so many parks!!!! And every park is so unique and amazing.

I went to 2 parks while at my stay in Chengdu.

My favorite by far was Ren Min Park. First off it is completely free to get in and there is so much to do there. It was so good that I went back twice more. The first time I went I actually joined in a Chinese flash mob to the song…Milkshake by Kelis as the intro song.




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Chengdu China: The Food!

The Food in Chengdu is: Hot, Oily, Hot

chengdu heaven twice cooked pork
photo credit:

List of Chengdu’s Famous Cuisines:

1) Hotpot (四川火锅)- which is basically oil or some sort of broth that is really hot and used for dipping like the American “melting pot” or like a fondue!

2) Twice Cooked Pork (pic above)

3) Mapo Tofu (回锅肉)

4) Kung Pao Chicken (宫保鸡丁)

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Danielle's name in Chinese!

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Australian ketchup

Australian Ketchup, maybe?

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Our Summer Global Ambassadors are HERE! Danielle in Chengdu, China

Streets of Chengdu, China

Streets of Chengdu, China


English translation: From America to China

你好! = ni hao!

English translation: Hello!

My name is Danielle and I am from the famous GameCOCKS, the University of South Carolina!!


I am traveling today with USAC to Chengdu, China to study abroad for 5 weeks!

Background: As I asked fellow Chinese students and teachers, what Chengdu, China is known for they said two things!


2) DANG GOOD FOOD (I’m talking 5-star restaurant good)

My Goals: I have traveled multiple times and I want to share my adventurous, outgoing, and honest personality with you, so if you ever go to Chengdu, China, you know what to do, what not to do, and basically the inside secrets to conquer Chengdu, China!!

Mandaring Lettering

My name in Chinese!


My attraction to China: My parents are actually Chinese descent. And they tried so very hard to teach me Mandarin (The Chinese Language) when I was little but like any little kid when your parents tell you to do something, you try your very hardest to resist and do anything else.

But when I came to college, I realized my passion for the Chinese language and culture and sort of reunited with my heritage because before college I had no idea that Beijing was China’s capital.

!oh jia wen (my Chinese name)

I even actually have an authentic Chinese name, oh jia wen. The funny part is my teammates back at USC couldn’t pronounce my Chinese name well and there were three Danielle’s on the team so after several failed attempts they starting calling me Oatza, their butchered version of my Chinese name, oh jia wen. And Oatza actually stuck so now I am called Oatza by my teammates and coaches everywhere I go on and off the field.

What am I going to blog about?

1)     The Academics and Language

2)    The Food

3)    Activities

4)    CrossFit Workouts

So stay tuned!!

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