A Valuable Internship in a Beautiful City – Abroad101 Cool Program of the Week in Sydney, Australia!


This week’s Cool Program is described as the ultimate academic getaway. It’s Boston University’s Sydney Internship Program, it’s a world-class city, it’s far away, it’s English-speaking yet retains a Pacific-rim vibe and has a large and attentive local staff that can help you both study and get the most out of an internship. What better way to start to focus on a career path?

BU-Sydney Australia reviewSydney and indeed all of Australia offer unbelievable opportunities to explore, from the Opera House, great shopping, and local beaches to Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef, and even farther afield to New Zealand and Fiji. While participating in this program your housing will be on the outskirts of downtown near Darling Harbour. Studio apartments may consist of shared studio-type arrangements or large suites housing a larger number of students, but will always incorporate access to kitchen facilities as well as shared living space and bathroom/shower units. This gives students a wonderful chance to live in their own space and explore the many options for learning and fun in Australia.

Most programs require students to take a popular Australian Culture and Society course. It’s taught in the BU Sydney Academic Center, which houses the program’s academic facilities, classrooms, library, computer room, and staff offices. (Students who’ve been on the Sydney program have especially high praise for the five full-time and three part-time BU support staff.)

To find out more about this program, read returning student reviews and learn more or apply, please visit: https://www.studyabroad101.com/programs/boston-university-sydney-sydney-internship-program

Abroad101 Student of the Week #0031 – Grace Andrews

Grace Andrews-Tasmania

Grace Andrews Abroad101 Student of the Week

Grace Andrews Abroad101 Student of the Week

This weeks Abroad101 student of the week winner is Grace Andrews from Colorado State University. Grace is a junior who is studying zoology with a minor in conservation biology. She has a love for all animals, is a member of the zoology club at her school, and her favorite subject is biology. Grace also likes to be outdoors, as she enjoys hiking, biking, running and playing sports. On top of that, she is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta honor society and has made Dean’s List. Grace hopes to eventually get her masters in zoology and travel the world working with animals.

Grace has been given the opportunity to study abroad in Tasmania and work with animals, which we think could not be a better experience for her! She is looking forward to going and has even started a fundraising Mission to help finance some of the cost of her trip. You can check out Grace’s Mission here!

The Abroad101 Student of the Week initiative awards a student who created a Mission for a study abroad program on GoEnnounce with a donation to their fundraiser. Learn more about this partnership from Abroad101 CEO Mark Shay and GoEnnounce co-founder Melissa Davis here.

We’re making weekly donations to studyabroad fundraisers! We hope you can help us assist these students in reaching their goals to make their travel dreams a reality. Visit here to help with this mission. To find out more about studying in Tasmania, like Grace, visit the Abroad101 program page.

Stay tuned for our next Abroad101 Student of the Week!

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Abroad101 Cool Program of the Week – University of Canberra, Australia


Direct Enroll with University of Canberra

Study and work in Australia’s National Capital, named Australia’s most livable city in 2014  –


Study Abroad or Exchange gives you the opportunity to attend the University of Canberra (UC) for one or two semesters while gaining credit and increasing the value of your degree.

Program Highlights include:

  • Living on campus at the University of Canberra (UC) means living just footsteps away from the resident kangaroos.
  • UC offers hands on, practical learning and offers you a choice ofover 3,000 classes to choose from!
  • We are a world-ranked university in the TOP 5% of the QS World University Rankings 2013-2014

READ MORE: https://www.studyabroad101.com/programs/university-of-canberra-canberra-direct-enrollment-exchange

Study in Perth


Abroad101.com - StudyPerth

Study abroad programs in beautiful Perth Australia

Looking for a study destination with flexible study pathways, pristine beaches with the No. 1 student diversity in Australia?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Perth, Australia as your next study destin(HR RGB) Perth from above-Horizontal-resizedation!

Perth has been rated as one of the world’s top 10 most liveable cities (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2013), ranked in the top 10 per cent of 215 world cities for quality of life (Mercer, 2012) and top 30 Best Student Cities in the World (QS, 2013).


World-class education

Western Australia’s world-class universities, colleges and schools provide quality-assured education with flexible study pathways. The state’s practical approach to education, guided by teachers who are experts in their field, ensures that you are taught the skills that employers are looking for in today’s competitive world. Your study experience will not only provide you with learning, but also the possibility to be part of the growing academic and professional network that will guide the future of our city.

A lifestyle that’s hard to match!

Perth offers one of the highest standards of living in the world and yet is more affordable than the UK and the USA. As a student, you will receive a 40 per cent discount on all public transport throughout the state. Perth also has a relatively low crime rate compared to other major cities, making its campuses, transport and city streets safe and secure.

Most multicultural city in Australia

Perth is number one in Australia for student diversity. People of more tDSC_6028han 200 different nationalities live, work and study in Perth, speak over 170 languages and practise over 100 religions. There are numerous places of worship, with most restaurants and campuses catering for religious and dietary requirements. So, no matter where you’re from you’ll always feel welcome and respected.



Working in Perth

Perth has experienced an economic boom and is in the midst of a cultural rebirth. We currently generate around 19 per cent of Australia’s jobs, but have only 11 per cent of the population —meaning there’s never been a better time or place to find a job than right now, in Western Australia! Working in Perth while you study is not only a great way to earn some extra money. It will give you the chance to be part of our community and experience our way of life, and it’s also a fantastic way to work on your English language skills if you’re not a native speaker.

If you are on a student visa (a full-time international student), you will have the opportunity to work part time for up to 40 hours per fortnight and unlimited hours during semester break.

Making the most of your time in Perth

We value a balance of work and leisure in our lives and make the most of Australia’s open spaces with our city DSC_7642design and housing. The city centre is the home of business, as well as dozens of new bars, clubs and restaurants. Surrounding entertainment districts provide relaxed environments for music, theatre, festivals and cinema, and are minutes away from the peace and security of residential areas. Our Swan River, historic Fremantle port and King’s Park Botanic Gardens are the hub of outdoor recreation in the city, and our beaches are wide, pristine and welcoming.

Perth is at a unique point in its history and development. We are in a position to offer study choices, lifestyle benefits and career possibilities not available anywhere else, and in one of the most naturally beautiful destinations in the world. An education in Perth is a chance to be part of this exciting new future, no matter your goals and interests.

Search for your course today at www.studyperth.com.au.

StudyPerth is the first point of contact for anyone wishing to obtain information on studying and living in Perth, Australia.

The Friendliest Cities to Study Abroad In

Collected from over 16,000 reviews on Abroad101, we looked at how many local friends our reviewers said they made in their time abroad, and if they intended to stay in touch once they returned home. Based on that, the following are what we deemed the friendliest cities!

#1)  Seoul, South Korea

With 80,000 fans at this country’s K-Pop mega-star’s concert, chances are you’d likely gain a new friend or two…or hundreds. As a former ESL teacher in Korea, I was not surprised when Seoul topped our list of the most friendliest cities to study abroad. Korea is known for both their warm hospitality…and their love of foreigners. This bodes well for the increasing number of students venturing to this dynamic and innovative country looking to befriend the locals for their up-to-date style trends and spicy taste buds, allowing them to truly get to know this Seoul-ful city. Continue reading

The Top 10 Most Livable Cities of 2012

Want to live like a local where ever you go?  16,000 students on Abroad101 ranked destinations based on how easily they could integrate into daily life.  Will Cox gives us the run down on the list below for the world’s most welcoming study abroad cities of 2012; you’ll be sure to get acclimated in no time!

1. Melbourne, Australia

With a mix of big city culture and small town pleasantries, the second largest city in Australia provides easily accessible routes into all things uniquely Australian. From Australian rules football to Aboriginal music and dance, there are constant opportunities to live the life down-under.

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Top 4 Most Hardcore Study Abroad Programs

Abroad101’s vagabonding vixen, Tami Bolk, tells us about the Top 4 Most Extreme Study Abroad Programs.  Chuck Norris approved and fit for The Most Interesting Man in the World, these programs are sure to give you bada$$ bragging rights.

So you studied abroad.  Maybe you safaried in Kenya, hiked the Himalayas, or went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.  Maybe your program let you explore 8 different cities in Europe, where you not only mastered your Scandinavian slang, but you sat kiddy-corner from that nearly-famous French actress (whose name you just can’t remember anymore)… oh, and you did all of this as a college Freshman. Ok, so maybe you’re a true baller if you really did all of that.  But for most that go abroad and think they’re the shiz for simply sipping a pint in the UK, it’s time to reconsider.  Check out this list of the Top 4 Most Hardcore Study Abroad programs and see how you measure up.

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Side Trip to Sydney, Australia!

Submitted by Meg Bauer, Global Ambassador in Brisbane, Australia.

My dream of visiting Sydney, Australia came true!

Ever since I watched Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s movie “Our Lips Are Sealed,” I’ve always wanted to go to Sydney, Australia! I’ve dreamed of seeing the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney, Australia

Meg in Sydney, Australia!

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Study Abroad Nightlife on the Gold Coast of Australia

Submitted by Meg Bauer, our Global Ambassador on the Gold Coast of Brisbane, Australia.
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Gold Coast Australia
Hottest Nightclub in Australia!

The Gold Coast is always popping no matter what day of the week it is. I’ve never experienced such a crazy and busy nightlife before. It’s never boring!

Below you will see hot spots for everyday of the week:

Surfers Paradise is where the majority of the clubs/pubs/bars are. There’s one to fit everyones needs. If you never know where to go, just go to Surfers Paradise and walk around and you’ll find at least one place that is jamming that night.

Sunday: Waxy’s Irish Pub in Surfers Paradise. Every Sunday there’s $2.50 steaks and $2.00 beers. You can’t beat those prices! It’s an Irish Pub, so you know you’ll have a good time no matter what. Also, on Sunday’s they have live bands that play there a lot. When it gets crowded, they open up the second level of the pub, so the party never stops no matter how busy it gets.

Monday: SinCity in Surfers Paradise. Every Monday night is Industry night. SinCity is my favorite night club by far. The music is really good. They play alot of mixed stuff, which I love. Drinks are also pretty cheap. They always have specials too.  The dancing is alot like what you’ll find in the states.

Tuesday: Shooters Night Club in Surfers Paradise. Tuesday is Uni Night. All of the Uni students go here and get drink specials. Also, anytime you have no idea where to go, go to Shooters. It’s free entry all the time for Griffith Uni students as long as you show your id. The drinks might be a little more, but since you get in free, it evens itself out. The dancing and music are great too.

Wednesday: Escape Night Club in Surfers Paradise. There’s a $15.00 Cover Charge which includes your 1/2 shot basic spirits until midnight.

Thursday: Parkwood Tavern in Southport. This is within walking distance of Uni. Every Thursday is uni night. It’s free entry and it’s always busy then. It’s always crowded, when it’s one of the bigger places. It’s always a good time because it’s all uni students that go. There’s also really well-known Australian DJ’s here on Thursdays.

Friday: Melbas on the Park in Surfers Paradise. Every Friday night is Sweet Sensations Night. There’s topless men that walk around with sweet treats, like cupcakes, chocolates, and cookies. Ladies get in free all night. Everyone gets in free until ten. There’s also two levels at this club. Both are open at all times.

Saturday: Anywhere you go is great! All of the night clubs are busy. Saturday nights are of course the busiest! The Gold Coast is the place to be. You’ll always find the nightlife fun!

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