5 travel books to get you excited for abroad!



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Last week, we published “5 Awesome Travel Movies” to help those in need of further wanderlust. This week, we are tackling the best of the travel books. Note: many of these have been made into movies too! Whether you want to get more excited for your travels or need a good beach read, see 5 awesome travel books below. Continue reading

Australia, you’re taking all my money!!

Submitted by Meg Bauer-Abroad101’s Global Ambassador on the Gold Coast

Before I left, I got $200 Australian dollars from AAA. I only ended up paying about $230 American dollars since the exchange rate is so close. It cost me $12 to convert the money. I planned on using my debit card for pretty much everything anyways. It’s good because my bank doesn’t charge me international fees every time I use it. Thank you, Citizens Bank!! The only thing I pay is the exchange rate. For example, I bought a shirt for $12 here, and it ended up being $12.67 due to the exchange rate. I decided not to open up a bank here, because I’m only here for about five months, and I figured that would be too much hassle. Continue reading

A Single Day in Singapore!

Submitted by Theresa Corelli (Semester at Sea)

Oh what a day! Yes, only a day. Singapore, Singapore…where to begin…

Madison and I in the Nature Park

I started my day off with an awesome little hike in the rainforest. We went to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Bukit Batok Nature Park. We hiked up to the highest natural point in all of Singapore…it wasn’t that high, but it was awesome! Nothing like a good morning hike 🙂 We got to see some crazy lizards and weird looking birds!

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Staying Fit While Studying Abroad

Abroad101 is please to have Monica, a study abroad student with College Year in Athens, contribute to our blog.

Gyros, baklava, spaghetti, gelato, pizza… Just some foods amongst many that study abroad students look forward to eating when they get to their destination country. Even the smells of these foods are hard to resist when they’re filling the air as you walk through the neighborhoods. It’s simple to say, “Whatever, I’ll lose the weight when I get home,” but we all know it’s much easier said than done. For people who like to live a healthy lifestyle, studying abroad makes that become a bit of a challenge. But, there are ways to stay in shape while being abroad, so don’t fret. Continue reading

Sea Olympics! Semester at Sea Extra-curriculars


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Who says 20-year-olds can’t act like kids! The other day we had our Sea Olympics! (think field day + greek week + competition + LOTS OF FUN…you get it). There are about nine or so ‘seas’ (aka hallways) and each … Continue reading

Interning Abroad: Sydney, Australia

When I first received approval from Michigan’s Center for Global and Intercultural Study getting an internship abroad had not dawned on me. However along with the materials for moving forward for a semester abroad in Sydney was information about classes and an internship placement program. I filled out the application on a whim but was approved to take on an internship as my 4th academic course.

An internship abroad is a large commitment but can also be great if you aren’t going to be home for summer or just want to take advantage of business in an international realm. Continue reading

India: And the Fun Continues…

Your typical foreign traveler in front of the Taj Mahal

This is the second part of a two-part post, to read the first half, go to: “India: My Visit to My 5th Continent.” Theresa’s time in India continues…

Day 4: Woke up at 5:30am to get to the Taj Mahal for sunrise! Wow. I never thought that I would have the chance to see the Taj Mahal in person, let alone go inside of it and spend hours walking around. It is amazing that the Taj was build as a memorial because it is HUGE and it costs a fortune to build. The best part was that you have to go around barefoot when you are inside, I love being barefoot! Continue reading

Yellow Yellow Limoncello: Internship in Sorrento

Sorrentine Limoncello

As a part of the study abroad program I am enrolled in, I am taking part in a 3 credit internship with the marketing department of a local Sorrentine Limoncello company.  For those of you who are not familiar with this traditional Italian digestivo (beverage consumed after dinner to aid digestion), Limoncello is an alcoholic beverage made from the peels of the Sorrento Lemon infused into pure alcohol with some sugar.  The lemon is known for its cleansing properties, and especially for its reputation as a digestive aid.  The Italians—who are endearingly known for their knowledge on how to treat your digestive system, evident in their rule that states no milk is to be consumed after 11 am—market this alcohol as “the perfect after-dinner drink.”  Continue reading

“India: My Visit to My 5th Continent!” – Theresa on Semester at Sea

India will do funny things to you!

I have now been to 5 out of the 7 continents! Bucket list: get to all 7.

Day 1: Our ship was docked in Cochin, which is in Southern India. We got off the ship and there it was: the hot, humid, sticky, sweaty feeling…yay! My roommate and I paid a rickshaw driver a total of $6 to drive us around and be our personal tour guide all day…try and find that kind of deal in the states. Our itinerary went sometime like this: we saw the Chinese fishing nets and the beaches, we went to Jew Town, Fort Cochin Beach, Siva Temple, the Ginger Warehouse, some cemeteries, the Spice Market, the Dutch Palace, St. Francis Church and we visited some schools. Not too bad for $3 a person, right? Lal (our ‘tour guide’) even bought us necklaces made of jasmine, they smelt incredible! Continue reading

Mia’s To Do: Down Under

Sydney Opera House

Visit the Sydney Opera House for a performance: The Sydney Opera House is an architectural wonder. Yes, I know I have been here a few weeks and this should have been number one when I got here. I have seen it at night and from a ferry to Manly beach but haven’t gotten my necessary million photos in front of the white behemoth. Just around the corner from Circular Quay (pronounced “key”) I am sure to get there soon. Beyond the photos though I would love to be able to go to the opera house for a performance. Currently a play with Michael Cera is running. Continue reading