A True Italian Home-Stay: Food, Food, and More Food

For this semester, I am staying in a homestay with an Italian family in the town bordering Sorrento.  I am living in an apartment building, located on a street directly off the main road leading to the piazzas.  The area I live in is relatively quiet, except for the sound of speeding motorinos and smart cars on the street below.  The view from my balcony is absolutely stunning; to the left I see the snow-topped Vesuvius and straight ahead are the rolling Sorrentine hills that include the towns of Vico Equense and Piano di Sorrento.  Continue reading

Alex in Singapore: A Chance to Explore a Love of Asia

I chose to study abroad because I wanted adventure. Living in Montreal, with my parents, my entire life made me realize I needed my independence. What better way to experience independence than to study abroad? And with a generous scholarship from my school that covered my tuition and most of my living expenses, there was nothing stopping me. Continue reading

Michelle in Florence: First Impression

I’ve wanted to study abroad since I found out that such programs existed when I was in high school. I was always asking my parents if I could do programs like learning about turtles in Costa Rica or building orphanages in Nicaragua. I have never been out of the country, and my parents refused for me to go for my first time alone in remote villages at what they felt was too young of an age. I then set my heart on studying abroad once I was in college. I had always planned on studying in Spain, because I felt that anywhere in Europe would be an ideal location for travel since I had never been out of the country, and I can speak Spanish. Continue reading

Cait in Sorrento: Sant’Anna Institute

This spring semester I am studying abroad with the Sant’Anna Institute/Sorrento Lingue located in Sorrento, Italy.  This is a small, but growing, international study abroad program with a school that overlooks the Bay of Naples.

My program consists of four classes including Business in the EU and Italian Literature, but also includes a 3 credit internship with the marketing department of a local Limoncello company.  The opportunity to work abroad in addition to studying abroad seemed like an obvious choice.  Also, since I come from a small town in Rhode Island, I wasn’t looking to jump straight into a large, fast-paced city, but preferred a slower-paced, culturally rich environment. What I liked even more about this program was the fact that it is non-traditional in the sense that it is not located in one of the mainstream study abroad cities.  For this reason, the area is less filled with Americans and I am able to practice my Italian daily with the locals, as well as my host family.  Continue reading

Semester at Sea Port 1: The Beautiful Dominica!

I am on a program called Semester at Sea, it is run through the University of Virginia. This program has been in place since 1963 and has had over 100 voyages, my voyage is the 108th!

I chose this program because I get to live on a boat and travel around the world, what could be better than that? I would love to spend a semester in one location and really get to know the culture and way of life, but that will have to wait! I chose this program because I wanted to see the world, I wanted to go to all of these unique countries that I will probably never have the chance to go back to. Continue reading

Introducing Meg, Abroad101 Global Ambassador in Brisbane, Spring 2012


Abroad101 is pleased to introduce Megan Bauer, Abroad101 Global Ambassador in Brisbane, Australia! Meg will be spending her Spring semester down under in the Northeast state of Queensland, home of the Great Barrier Reef and full of beautiful beaches, and rainforests. We look forward to reading about her adventures on the Abroad101 blog!


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Introducing Mia, Abroad101 Global Ambassador in Sydney, Spring 2012!


Abroad101 is pleased to introduce Mia Marino, Abroad101 Global Ambassador in Sydney Australia! While down under, she’ll be continuing her studies for her dual major in Communications and International Studies at the University of New South Wales. We are looking forward to hearing her stories about the outback and other adventures!


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Introducing Caitlin, Abroad101 Ambassador in Sorrento, Spring 2012


Abroad101 is pleased to introduce Caitlin Scalise, Global Ambassador in Sorrento, Italy this Spring semester! Cait will be studying International Business and Italian at Sant’Anna Language Institute. We look forward to reading about all of her “experiences, excursions and unexpected mishaps” as she shares them on Abroad101 blog.

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Introducing Michelle, Abroad101 Global Ambassador in Florence, Spring 2012!


Abroad101 is pleased to introduce Michelle Farhang, one of our Global Ambassadors for this Spring semester! Michelle will be spending the semester in Florence, Italy taking courses to fullfil her Art minor. She will be contributing to our blog so we can track her adventure. We’re looking forward to hearing about all the amazing art and food in Italy!

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