We Made it to 5K!

We did it: 5,000 reviews!!
Special thanks to James Madison for appearing on the $5,000 bill, as well as the Proclaimers, who “would walk 500 miles” 10 times over to reach our total count!

Here’s to another 5,000! Thanks to all of our incredible partners and devoted students for contributing their insights to our community.

Abroad101 Makes Top 50 Global Education Blogs!

We are honored to make the list of the Top 50 Global Education Blogs! Thanks to all of our readers’ constant support, and we are excited to unveil more exciting blog articles throughout 2010!

Feel free to be in touch with any ideas, as we always welcome guest blog entries.


Mike & The Abroad101 Team

PS- Special props to 2009’s new contributors, Danielle and Will, who took the blog to a new level through incorporating their recent study abroad experiences in Prague, Madrid, and Buenos Aires.


This is going to be a huge year for Abroad101! Between launching our website and expanding our services, you can expect to see a lot of exciting progress on the website. New Years Resolution #1: Post on this blog more often. It is our goal to make this an online forum where you can read about a variety of issues in the study abroad market, as well as updates from our website.

We look forward to getting to know you this year!

Once upon a time…

Mike met Mark. Their conversation likely involved an intense post-nap discussion of something along the lines of sharing or finger painting or ninja turtles. Freshman year of college was a crazy one…

Mark and Mike dominating the soccer field, circa early 90’s Continue reading

Pack Your Bags…

Because we’re about to launch more than a venture. Abroad101.com will undoubtedly be an adventure for the three of us recent college grads/co-founders- and we want you to be a part of the thrill. In the upcoming months we will be posting our progress as well as our thoughts on a variety of study abroad-related topics. Do you have a suggestion for our website? Want to learn more? Do you support or disagree with our reaction to a study abroad issue? Want to share your favorite travel memory/horror story? Great! We look forward to welcoming you into our online community and hearing from you.

Globally Yours,

Mike, Mark & Adam
“The Abroad101 Guys”