8 Reasons To Study Abroad With Syracuse University

Syracuse University provides the opportunity for students to study abroad based on their academic priorities, language ability, geographic interests and term length. Syracuse offers programs in a number of countries where students can study. Each location offers unique programs and opportunities. The biggest advantage of studying in the centers abroad is that students will not only learn academics. They will also get to know the people, the country and its culture.

1. Dream It Up In Madrid

SU Madrid Center studies welcome students for courses at SU Madrid, Spain. Students can expect courses offered in Spanish language. SU Madrid Center offers two programs in liberal arts and engineering. Although there is no language prerequisite, all students have to enroll in a Spanish language course.

  • The SU Madrid Center welcomes students to experience life in the capital city of Spain. SU Madrid Center offers two programs in liberal arts and engineering. Although there is no language prerequisite, all students have to enroll in a Spanish language course, and students can expect high level courses taught in Spanish.
  • The Universidad Politecnica de Madrid is for engineering majors with two years of college Spanish. They have to complete academic courses at the SU Madrid Center and take two to three classes at the UPM.

2. Finding Fun In Florence

Syracuse University’s Center in Florence offers the following programs.

  • SU Center and Culinary Institute offer three courses for students who are taking hospitality management at the Apicius International School of Hospitality. Doing so allows them to master Tuscany’s culinary treasures. However, they have to take an elective course and Italian language at the SU Florence Center for program completion.
  • Pre-professional Architecture is for students who major in architecture in non-professional programs. It also accommodates those who have a great interest in this field. It does not require a portfolio for admission because this program accepts students at any skill level.
  • Architecture program is for Architecture students enrolled in a professional program at SU or another school.
  • Studio Arts is for students with majors or minors in studio art. With this, students will enroll in two to three studio arts classes along with Italian language and other courses at the SU Center.
  • Liberal Arts and Management accommodates students from almost all majors. The program allows them to choose courses in business, arts and sciences and Italian language.

3. Living It Up In London Town

Syracuse University’s academic programs in London offer students plenty of graduate and undergraduate degrees to choose from. They are designed to provide students the opportunity to take advantage of London’s resources.

  • Programs and courses include communications, visual and performing arts, architecture, management and international business and arts and sciences.
  • There are also professional programs for photojournalism, music, drama, design and architecture.
  • Qualified students may also qualify for the SU London internship programs that include social work, public relations, public affairs, music industry, marketing, journalism, finance, fashion retailing, advertising and accounting.

4. Chill Out In Chile

SU Santiago offers programs that will immerse students in the language and culture of Chile. They enroll in courses together with native Chileans.

Cuenca Prequel

Cuenca Prequel is a four-credit language program for students who have less than two years of college Spanish language. On the other hand, those with two or more years of Spanish education enroll in a 3-credit 300-level language program. After program completion, students transfer to Santiago for a bilingual field study seminar.

Santiago Semester Only

The semester program in Santiago is designed for students who do not enroll in the Cuenca prequel.

5. Have A Blast In Hong Kong

All SU Hong Kong courses are taught in English. Students can take advantage of the two options available. They may opt to enroll in City University or take courses at the SU Center. Either way, they get full support from the SU Center administrative staff.

  • The SU Hong Kong Center offers semester programs comprised of three modules. While students take classes, they may live in the apartment building near the City University campus.
  • All courses are offered at the City University require a minimum 3.0 GPA to qualify for the program.

6. Take It To The Strasburg

SU Strasburg Center offers programs and courses taught in French and English.

  • Immersion Studies at the Universtie de Strasburg are designed for students who are proficient enough to take courses with French students.
  • SU Strasburg Center and the French Institute are for students who have an intermediate level of proficiency in the French language.
  • SU Strasburg Center and Studio Arts offers programs for studio art majors in the spring semester only.
  • SU Strasburg Center and Music Performance programs are for students who are in their fourth semester of a B.A. in Music or Bachelor of Music. This program is available in the spring semester only.

7. Time Out In Turkey

SU Istanbul Center offers an undergraduate program that require students to complete two courses including the 3-credit Contemporary Issues in Turkey and Crossroad Civilizations, Past and Present. The SU Istanbul Center is located at Bahcesehir University.

8. Be Zen In Beijing

SU Beijing Center offers programs that go beyond typical language lessons. It offers signature seminars for both SU and Tsinghua students. Seminars take place in both the spring and fall semesters. SU Beijing also offers students courses taught in Chinese.