Study Abroad & Get Your Dream Job

Today, Abroad101 All-Stars Tami Bolk and Sarah Hanley will be hosting a webinar for Collegeweek Live’s Study Abroad Day.  If you’ve ever wondered how studying abroad can impact your future career goals, don’t miss this webinar!  It’s Wednesday, September 5th at 8:00 pm EDT.

Study abroad and then land your dream job!  Read on for a glimpse of what we’ll be covering in tonight’s webinar, Study Abroad & Get Your Dream Job: Go and Gain Valuable Career Skills.

According to surveys, did you know that… 

96% of students said study abroad broadened their career goals.

90% of employers believe that students with a study abroad experience are likely to possess highly desirable skills.

According to students who left reviews on Abroad101, those skills included:
53% improved foreign language skills
97% gained knowledge of host country
97% increased independence & confidence
98% learned to better adapt

73% of employers cited study abroad as important when evaluating resumes for high-level positions.

Study abroad students are gaining employment sooner , making more money, and securing better jobs in their field, as compared to their non-study abroad peers.

Don’t miss out!  Learn how to translate these skills in a way that will get you your dream job!  In today’s webinar we’ll show you how to creatively convey your study abroad experience on your resume, and articulate it in an interview.  Sign up now for today’s 8:00 pm EDT session, Study Abroad & Get Your Dream Job.  

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