Top 10 Reasons We LOVE our redesigned website

Hopefully you’ve heard by now that we recently launched a completely redesigned website! It’s been many months of very hard work, and we are very pleased with the end result. We hope our redesigned site provides our community with everything they need and more. That said, below are 10 reasons why we think our site is now more awesome than ever. What do you think?  

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  1. So much faster!
  2. The Interactive Map! – Browse for your perfect program by searching a map of the world!
  3. Our Press Page – We’re so happy to be able to display all the great press we’ve received!
  4. Our Team Page – We’ve got personality! Read about us here.
  5. Our Super Easy “Feedback & Support” Button – Find it on the lower right hand corner of Site
  6. Browsing through the Great Reviews: So Much More Fun Now!
  7. Better Online Recruitment Tools for our Advertisers
  8. Better Evaluation Data for our University Partners
  9. Even More Scholarships Available! More Coming Soon!
  10. Our Awesome New Program Finder Page – So much easier than ever before to find your perfect program by searching by country, city, or program name!

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