Live it, Then Learn it, and Laugh in Between

Business Fieldtrip to my workplace, Limoncello factory

In the program I am in, the academics are actually quite a bit different than what I am used to at my home university.  Forget busy  work, and forget long-term projects.  Here everything is all about hands-on, intimate learning.  The classes are extremely small, which I find to be beneficial.  It allows us to take field trips and get more out of the class than we would if there were many more students. For my International Business class as well as my Business in the European Union class, my professor organizes field trips and leads group discussions.

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St. Patrick’s Day Around the World

Happy St. Patrick’s day from Abroad101! Since we’re based in Boston, we get to enjoy a little bit of Dublin right in our own backyard! Did you know that the St. Patrick’s day parade actually started in Boston, not Ireland? Who knew? Below see some cool pics of  St. Patrick’s day festivities around the world. Hope you enjoy it wherever you are!

Boston, MA
Tin Man in St. Patrick's Day Parade

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Dublin,  Ireland
St. Patrick's Day In Dublin

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Tokyo, Japan
St. Patrick's Day Parade
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miss miki

London, England
St Patrick's Day 2011 - 07

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Internationalization of Teacher Preparation Programs

Many of you may have attended the Colloquium on Internationalizing Teacher Education last year in Vancouver, and you may be planning on attending again this year in Houston at the NAFSA Annual Conference.  This topic has been at the center of discussion at many schools of education, and promises to continue to be an important issue to address. Continue reading

Where Can You Teach Abroad??

Teaching English abroad is a field that has something to offer everyone—from undergrads to recent grads, from career changers to retirees. The job itself is just as diverse as those who do it.  You might teach a classroom of kindergarteners in South Korea, or a small group of business professionals in Brazil. You could live in a bustling urban center like Bangkok, or in a quiet village tucked in the Andes Mountains. What all teach abroad jobs have in common though, is a chance to expand your worldview, enhance your resume with international experience, and challenge the person you are today. This is teaching abroad. Continue reading

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One of the most difficult tasks of studying abroad is making a decision on where to go! There are SO many program options available, especially in Europe. If you’ve been dreaming of backpacking through the Swiss Alps, indulging in local cuisine in Italy, learning about the historical and cultural remnants in Berlin, or visiting multinational companies in Barcelona, then keep reading to learn more about Forum-Nexus and their multi-country summer programs! Continue reading

South Africa Part II: Skydiving, Safari & Surfing!

Theresa’s port stop in South Africa was epic! Read about her first two days in South Africa Part I: Wineries a& Apartheid

Hiking Table Mountain

Day 3: Wake up call at 7am! No, really, we do not sleep when we are in port. This day goes down as Top 5 days of my life, easily. We got up that morning and started our hike up Table Mountain (please google it, it is incredible!- it is in the running to become one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature!). It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to get up the mountain and it was so worth every drop of sweat and burn in your leg. It was one of the most amazing views I have EVER seen! The hike up was pretty hard because we took the steep path, but getting to the top of the mountain was so rewarding, we were above the clouds! We could see all of Cape Town from up there and it was beautiful! That is why I would live in Cape Town, because of things like Table Mountain. Continue reading

South Africa Part I: Wineries & Apartheid

View of Table Mountain

I don’t even know how to fully put my experience in Cape Town, South Africa into words, but here is my best shot:

I hate big cities. Well, hate is a strong word, but I swore that I would never, ever want to live in a city. Cape Town changed that for me. The city is gorgeous, it is clean, the people are friendly, it isn’t too crowded, there is structure and organization, and it is surrounded by mountains, beaches, vineyards, and other incredible things. It has the best of both worlds: the busy city and crazy night life and then the incredible hiking and outdoor experiences…my kind of place! I would love to live in Cape Town for a while at some point in my life, maybe after college? Who knows 🙂

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International Student Trip to Byron Bay, New South Wales

Petting Kangaroos at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Day One: We left the Gold Coast campus at 8 am sharp.

First stop: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: I loved this place!! I got to see real Australian animals. I finally saw kangaroos and koalas. It’s so different seeing them in Australia, than at the Pittsburgh zoo. I even got to pet the kangaroos. I saw a really big crocodile, all kinds of birds and snakes. I loved every minute of this place!

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Breaking Up With Espresso

un caffé

I have always liked coffee while in America.  Especially now that I am in college, I have relied heavily on coffee as my crutch on those many early mornings for my long lecture classes.  I am used to having at least one cup of caffeinated coffee a day in the United States, and have had virtually no problems with it nor had any horrible reactions to caffeine…so what would make my caffeine tolerance that much different in Italy? Maybe it is the type of coffee bean that is used or the temperature it is brewed at?  Regardless, the actual fact that espresso has less caffeine than “American coffee” has been shattered, in my opinion. Continue reading