What can Boston do to keep start-ups in the area?


If you ask local entrepreneurs, the answer is lots of things! Last week, Abroad 101’s President and Co-Founder, Mike Stone, was featured alongside other local entrepreneurs in a Boston Globe article “Can Boston be the hub of the start-up universe?” Mike’s sentiments on the Boston start-up scene reflect the need for more angel investors. This would help retain strong start-ups in the early stages, rather than losing them to places like Silicon Valley. “Investors should create more angel groups to attract, grow, and retain early-stage companies, which can then benefit from VC funds. We need people to see Boston as a destination, not a stepping-stone. What starts in Boston should stay in Boston.”

Well said, Mike!

This editorial is just one piece of increased dialogue in Boston around supporting the investment infrastructure. This morning, Senator Scott Brown held an Access to Capital for Small Business Roundtable to facilitate thoughts on both lending and investing for small business.

What other ideas were mentioned in the article? Everything from enticing the media to focus more on the Boston start-up scene, to looking for more diverse investors, to providing better entertainment and practical resources for local entrepreneurs. Boston clearly holds a bubble of strong, smart entrepreneurs. Let’s do everything we can to keep them here!

My New Home Away from Home: Apartment in Florence

In Florence, I live in an apartment with two other girls from my school, Jordan and Dominique. I knew Jordan before coming, and met Dominique when I moved in. So far, we have enjoyed some cozy movie nights and cracking up at Dominique’s hilarious sense of humor.

Our apartment is at the top floor of our building, which is in a great location between the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio. It is considered the fourth floor, but the bottom is considered the zero floor, and with two flights of stairs per floor, we walk up about 100 stairs to get to our apartment!

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Taking the Road Less Traveled in Sorrento

This past weekend, two of my classmates and I decided to explore the town we live in for the first time.  It was our first month anniversary of being in Italy (as well as my anniversary of falling in love with Italy), and we hadn’t yet had the chance to really experience and enjoy the small town we live in. Most of our time thus far has been spent walking the main town of Sorrento.

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New Faces and Technology Woes


As I arrived in Australia, I was running on 8 hours of mediocre airplane sleep and could not have ever imagined how long the day ahead would be. The “shuttle driver,” a girl resembling Miranda Kerr the Aussie supermodel more than any chauffer I had ever seen managed her way to my apartment. One hundred and nine pounds of luggage was painfully brought upstairs and I was left on my own. Continue reading

Megan Down-Under: Gold Coast, OZ

I finally arrived on the Gold Coast of Australia!! I seriously didn’t think it’d be this much of a culture shock. I choose to study at Griffith University on the Gold Coast because it has everything that I could possibly want. I’m even taking classes for my major. Oh, the fact that it’s by a beach, is also another plus.

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Commence Study Abroad: Hello Taiwan!

Welcome readers! For my first post, I’d like to share some details about my study abroad program and why I chose it!

During my ongoing quest for higher education and also through other various life experiences, I have seen myself grow in many ways. However, still unsatisfied, I looked for a way to expand myself and create new horizons. So I approached the office of study abroad at Western Illinois University, where I was graciously welcomed and presented with many study abroad options. Among them were destinations scattered all across the globe. When choosing a location, I had two primary goals in mind. First I wanted to expand myself culturally as well as intellectually. For me, this meant choosing a place completely different from home, so that I could experience the great diversity our world has to offer. Second, I wanted a location that might give me the skills or insights that can create new professional opportunities. The program I ultimately selected for my time abroad was an exchange between Western Illinois University and Ming Chuan University in Taipei, Taiwan.

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