A Semester in Rome at John Cabot University

This post comes from Andrew Ross, a student who spent the Fall 2012 studying abroad at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy.  Read on to hear what he loves about this charming University in the heart of Roma!  Ross says, “When you hear people talk about the so called ‘times of their lives’ you hardly take them seriously.  Well, you should take this one seriously, as I’m going to tell you that I’ve never had an experience like this in my 20 years of breathing!…

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5 Interesting People in STEM Fields Who Studied Abroad

Hey STEM students, think you don’t have time to study abroad? Think again! Our friend Sarah McNitt, a study abroad advisor and trivia whiz, put together this great list of interesting people from the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math who have studied abroad.

Photo credit to anilnow.com

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Wellness Wednesday: How to Recognize Depression Abroad

Welcome to the fourth installment of Wellness Wednesdays featuring Abroad101′s expert on expat emotional health, Melissa Doman.  In this post Melissa talks about how to recognize anxiety and depression issues that go beyond normal culture shock, and warns against using substances to cope with emotional discomfort. Continue reading

The Best Part of Travel…

This post comes from James Bolitho, a former sales & marketing intern at Abroad101. He cold called nearly every college in the country, and loved every minute of it. He now travels the world as a Cost of Living Surveyor. Read on to hear his travel musings… Continue reading

Wellness Wednesday: Cultural Adjustment During Study Abroad

Welcome to the third installment of Wellness Wednesdays featuring Abroad101′s expert on expat emotional health, Melissa Doman.  Below Melissa shares with us the wonders of cultural adjustment, and warns that “spending time abroad will be a little bit of a roller coaster, so get prepared for one of the best rides of your life!” Continue reading

Food for Thought: The World’s Top 10 Foodie Cities

There are two underlying philosophies that divide citizens of this world: Do you eat to live, or live to eat?  After diving into 16,000 student reviews “dishing” out the real deal on quality of food, the 10 cities that appear on this year’s Abroad101 Rankings for Top Foodie Cities clearly prioritize the latter.

Food is life for many study abroad students, and the Abroad101 team is no exception.  We have shared our favorite dishes from around the world (I smell reindeer stew!) and pieced together the top destinations for vegetarians (the falafel “Israeli” good!)

Are you the type of person whose travel adventures aren’t complete without a flavor of the local cuisine?  Well, you’re in luck, because these 10 cities will leave you more than satisfied as they truly epitomize “good taste!” Continue reading

Best Budget-Friendly Study Abroad Destinations

The Abroad101 rankings have finally been released! We’ve spent weeks coming up with the perfect categories, looking through our data, and crunching numbers to the rhythmic sounds of pencil biting, keyboard tapping, gum snapping, and our Keurig coffee maker.

We’re excited that our full list of categories is comprehensive and detailed but we’d like to take this moment to feature an important one: the Top Budget-Friendly Countries. Yes, that’s right kids! We have a list of the best destinations for the frugal-friendly, the penny pinchers, and the cost-conscious. So, don’t let your bank account dictate if you study abroad or not, check out the list below if you’re eager to spend time abroad without spending your entire bank account. Continue reading

The Friendliest Cities to Study Abroad In

Collected from over 16,000 reviews on Abroad101, we looked at how many local friends our reviewers said they made in their time abroad, and if they intended to stay in touch once they returned home. Based on that, the following are what we deemed the friendliest cities!

#1)  Seoul, South Korea

With 80,000 fans at this country’s K-Pop mega-star’s concert, chances are you’d likely gain a new friend or two…or hundreds. As a former ESL teacher in Korea, I was not surprised when Seoul topped our list of the most friendliest cities to study abroad. Korea is known for both their warm hospitality…and their love of foreigners. This bodes well for the increasing number of students venturing to this dynamic and innovative country looking to befriend the locals for their up-to-date style trends and spicy taste buds, allowing them to truly get to know this Seoul-ful city. Continue reading

The Top 10 Most Livable Cities of 2012

Want to live like a local where ever you go?  16,000 students on Abroad101 ranked destinations based on how easily they could integrate into daily life.  Will Cox gives us the run down on the list below for the world’s most welcoming study abroad cities of 2012; you’ll be sure to get acclimated in no time!

1. Melbourne, Australia

With a mix of big city culture and small town pleasantries, the second largest city in Australia provides easily accessible routes into all things uniquely Australian. From Australian rules football to Aboriginal music and dance, there are constant opportunities to live the life down-under.

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The London School of Economics- Rich & Rigorous!

Want to study abroad in an academically rigorous and culturally rich program?  The London School of Economics is for you!  Receiving high marks in both academics and culture, with a 4.3/5 star rating overall on Abroad101, this reputable program is not to be missed!

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