Introducing: Abroad101 Global Ambassadors!

Be the first of your friends to be an Abroad101 Global Ambassador for your semester abroad. We are now accepting applications for the Spring 2012 semester!

All your friends and family are stuck back here in the States, living vicariously through you, waiting for all your facebook updates, tweets and new pictures of your adventures… why not share your entire experience on the Abroad101 blog? This will not only make your friends and family very happy, but also give you an opportunity to get writing, photography and marketing experience!

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Holiday Wish List for Future Study Abroad Students

I’m sure many of you who are getting ready to study abroad have family members who have been prodding you to expand your Christmas list beyond “money”. And as that is the obvious request to alleviate the financial woes of going abroad, there are several items that you could include which would satisfy both parties and score you some great travel essentials before you depart on your new adventures!  Continue reading

5 Things to do After Returning from Abroad

For those of you whose semester abroad has gone by in the blink of an eye, we know that you’re probably dreading the idea of leaving that new, amazing place you’ve been calling home for 4-6 months. We want to prevent you from being diagnosed with SAOD upon your return home, so we have some more tips for you to help with your re-entry adjustment! After reading Matador’s article about the 5 things NOT to do after returning from abroad (and completely agreeing with everything they mentioned), I couldn’t help but think about the things students CAN and SHOULD do to make their transition home smoother.

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