Abroad101 Featured Blog: The Traveling Writer

Abroad101 interviewed Alexis Grant from the Traveling Writer. She is also the author of Please Send Pants a story of her adventures through Africa. She has also written two e-guides: How to Build a Part-time Social Media Business and How to Take a Career Break to Travel (Released on Oct.17!)

Guest Blog: The Wide World of Gap Years

Our Usa Gap Year Fair guest bloggers Robin (Thinking Beyond Borders) and Kathy (Dynamy Internship Year) continue our introduction to Gap Year Programs and how to choose the right one!

Exploring gap year options is not always an easy task. Here are some quick tips to help you find all of the options and begin to narrow them down to the best fit for you.

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How To Plan Your Traveling Abroad

A semester is a long time. A semester can seem excruciatingly long when you receive that first syllabus which outlines your entire workload for the next four months. But a semester abroad goes by in the blink of an eye! You might think that you have more than enough time to go everywhere and see everything but it tends to go by quicker than you would imagine and before you know it you’re heading back home.

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The Language Abroad: Charlie Goes to Buenos Aries

Learning a second language is a daunting task! Everyone says the best way to really learn is to immerse yourself, and visit or live in a place where the language is spoken. If you don’t use it, you’ll never learn it! Semester abroad programs are often taught in English, and the language portion is not as emphasized. This is why Summer Language programs are so awesome! A summer abroad gives you the opportunity to focus on your new language without the distractions of other subjects. We interviewed Charlie, a Sophomore at George Mason University to learn about his experience on the GMU Summer Language Study in Buenos Aires.
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Guest Blog: Discovering the Gap Year!

Abroad101 is happy to introduce Gap year opportunities to our readers! Robin, from Thinking Beyond Borders, and Kathy, from Dynamy Internship Year, got together to direct USA Gap Year Fair and wrote a series of articles to introduce the concept of a “Gap year”. It’s a growing trend among high school graduates. Take a minute to learn about it whether it is right for you…

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How to Pick Your Travel Companions Abroad

It’s no secret that an opportunity to study abroad will inevitably lead to catching the travel bug. Traveling can easily be considered one of the best parts of studying abroad, where you will collect many memorable experiences that you are sure to never forget. Different destinations each weekend, numerous new cultures to experience, historic landmarks to visit…honestly, who can disagree!? But deciding who to spend those mini-vacations with can be difficult, especially if you have different goals or opinions about how you want to spend your weekends away. Continue reading