The Power of Networking

You will hear time and again how important it is to Network, we’ve all heard, “it’s not what you know but who you know!” Although it’s important to have the what to get the job, it’s often the who that will get you the interview!

The important thing about networking is that it requires time. You’ll never know if someone you meet today will be helpful to you in your career search down the line, so always get contact information and stay in touch! Remember, it’s not only older people who will have the power of connection, your peers will be valuable assets as well! If you’re looking for an international career, it is especially important that you stay in touch with the contacts (friends, teachers, etc.) that you made while studying abroad. Having international contacts doesn’t only sound impressive, but could be very useful!
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Autumn Rhymes Lead to Good Times

Fall classes have started and you’re already antsy
To adventure, explore, or maybe go somewhere fancy!
You’ve started to consider studying overseas
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Well, stress no more. There’s a resource just for you.
And visiting is the first thing to do.
A study abroad review site with 10,000 student evaluations
Will help with decisions on universities, classes, and accommodations!
So before the snow falls and covers the gravel,
Start planning a future that combines study and travel!
Whether it be hiking the Himalayas or learning Islam,
Studying abroad is made easy at!

Presenting…Our 1st Annual Study Abroad Rankings!

In 2007, three best friends fresh out of college turned down corporate jobs to pursue their dream venture: building the first study abroad review website.  4 years, and 10,000 program evaluations later, our inner data junkies are ecstatic.  We are so proud to reveal findings across such a large collection of program data from the true experts: the students themselves!

So, how exactly were these rankings formulated?  Our algorithm weighs both quantitative averages as well as total review count, to ensure that our rankings are statistically significant.  Our mission is to maintain a transparent and unbiased community, and while we do not endorse any specific programs, we thank our committed students and university partners, and congratulate these exemplary programs for making the cut. Without further ado, enjoy the “Study Abroad Student’s Choice Awards!


How Studying Abroad Can Lead To Teaching Abroad!

What is the most valuable tool I gained from my incredible semester abroad? CONFIDENCE in myself to venture out and experience more incredible things the world has to offer!

After a semester in Auckland, New Zealand and challenging myself to do wild things that I never imagined myself doing (i.e. flipping off a ledge 400 meters over the idyllic backdrop of Queenstown…attached to a bungee, of course), I gained a sense of independence and confidence that opened the door to an experience of a lifetime: teaching English in South Korea.

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