Study Abroad Overshare Disorder (SAOD): An Epidemic & A Cure

Study Abroad Overshare Disorder (SAOD): An Epidemic & A Cure

Returning study abroad students find new treatment for isolating, widespread condition

BOSTON, MA, August 11, 2011 – Depression. Isolation. Dwindling Facebook friendships.  Slow motion, contemplative walks along the ocean. These symptoms are nothing short of a nightmare to today’s college student.  However, unfortunately, increasing numbers of returning study abroad students are experiencing a mystifying condition that, until recently, lacked empirical evidence.

This condition has been labeled as Study Abroad Overshare Disorder (SAOD).  Researchers from the UAIEEH (Unofficial Association of International Educators for Emotional Health) “guestimate” that SAOD afflicts 1 in 3 post-abroad students, likely even more given the under-reported and stigmatized nature of the condition.

After several years of intensive research involving bubbling test tubes, pensive facial expressions, and an insisted repeat track of epic, motivational music, the UAIEEH team has uncovered a monumental treatment with an unprecedented success rate, and minimal side effects.

More details around this new treatment, along with an acclaimed Public Service Announcement video, can be found at: