Students Know What Makes a Good Teacher: Looking At Preliminary Results of the MET Project.

What makes a good teacher? We may not all be able to answer specific qualities, but I’m sure you can name who were the good teachers at your school, and which teachers failed. This doesn’t mean the most popular teachers by any means. We all had that science teacher who was really strict; students may not have loved him, but they recognized that he was a great teacher. On the other hand, we had the history teacher who was everyone’s best friend, but we know we didn’t learn a thing. The MET project is using student evaluation of teachers as part of their assessment of what makes a quality teacher.

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Back To Boston: Adventures in Annecy Come to an End

I am spending my summer in Annecy and Talloires, France with the Tufts in Talloires program. During these 6 weeks, I will be taking two classes and soaking up as much French culture (food, wine, etc) as possible! I will be writing once a week or so about a small aspect of my study abroad experience. This is my last post of this series.

And suddenly it was over. Six weeks gone in the blink of an eye. Someone asked me how I felt about that and I was having trouble explaining. The best way to describe how I feel is to use a Harry Potter Metaphor (there’s one for every situation in life isn’t there?) Bare with me: my six weeks in France is like the secret Order of the Phoenix meeting apartment. When you first glance at the set of apartments, the doorway seems to be a narrow blip, barely noticeable and almost forgettable. It hides itself away and blends in with the rest of the doors (that is to say the time that is passing in my life.) But when you really focus on it, that door expands into a large apartment full of stories and memories and experiences. There are secrets and learning moments and suddenly all you can see is that apartment, while everything else seems to fade away. Continue reading

The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

As part of our data collection for the NAFSA poster fair on International Education research, we looked into the rankings of the programs and each category. We determined things like average ratings, and even the correlation each category had on the overall rating a student would give their study abroad program.

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