Top Study Abroad Destinations

Based on the Study Abroad reviews collected by, we’ve put together some charts to illustrate the top destinations for study abroad.

In this first chart we can see that students are overwhelmingly choosing to study in Europe, hosting 62% of our students. For about 25% of students, studying abroad will be their first time out of the United States. So it’s no wonder most choose romantic destinations within Europe, knowing how easy it is to visit a new country every weekend.  Asia is a distant second with 11%. We’ll be keeping an eye on this growth, particularly in China over the next few years to track the impact of the 100,000 Strong initiative. Another region we should look out for is the Middle East. New Arabic programs are starting up at Universities like Tufts, and others are becoming stronger with the support of the government to send our students to be ambassadors around the world. Continue reading

Abroad101’s Spotlight Country Series: Turkey

If you’re a traveler looking to step off the beaten path of your typical European destinations and venture into a country filled with fascinating history and attractions equally incredible as Paris’ Eiffel Tower then Turkey is the country for you! This seaside country has a landscape that is nothing short of amazing. From an outline of beautiful beach filled coastlines, to the inland landscape scattered with ancient battlegrounds, ruined castles, and palaces of great empires, you are sure to experience something astonishing. To help you define Turkey’s must-sees, we have hand selected the top things to do while you visit! Continue reading

What’s New in Study Abroad?!

DU to Send Students Abroad for Study Trips

Delhi University in India is preparing to send about 75 students on study tours to Australia, China, Colombo, Dhaka, and Kathmandu in hopes of enhancing the interaction among Indian and foreign students. For now these programs will only be conducted for a few weeks, however in the future they hope to send students for entire semesters. These trips are unique in that instead of taking formal classes during these trips, the students will be learning about the ins and outs of the universities, their courses, and how the establishment functions as a whole. After hearing about amazing and unique study abroad trips such as this one, you have to wonder how much a program of this caliber costs. What if we told you it was FREE, eliminating the financial stress aspect of going abroad? Read more about Delhi University’s study trips here! Continue reading

“We Have To LEARN Before We Can HELP”

“We Have To LEARN Before We Can HELP” Responsible Travel and Volunteering By Daniela Papi and Christina Tunnah

The NAFSA conferences aren’t all about the Expo hall and the receptions. Each day they have dozens of informational sessions covering all topics in International Education from Visa application processes, Re-entry and Orientation programming to Responsible Travel. Daniela Papi of Pepy-Tours and Christina Tunnah of World Nomads presented on this last topic and really changed the way I view “Voluntourism” Continue reading

Why Should I Study Abroad?

The reviews left on have made it possible to aggregate some really interesting information on student trends in study abroad. We’ve added a new portion to our review: after a student fills out the evaluation of their program, we’ve decided to ask them why they chose to study abroad, and what skills they think they learned during their time away.

Continue reading

Study Abroad Alum Sings for Tsunami Relief

It’s no secret that Japan is still facing devastation following the effects of the earthquakes and tsunamis that took place about three months ago. This disaster ended the lives of over 10,000 people and left another half a million people without homes. The first question on the minds of most after a tragedy of this magnitude is, “Why?” This blog answers our second question – “How can we help?” Continue reading