Never Forget Your Study Abroad Experience!

I think it’s relatively safe to assume that going abroad can be one of the best experiences of your life. Traveling, meeting new people, and visiting countless museums and attractions all sound amazing, but what happens if you forget those little memories that made every experience or trip so timeless? Don’t you worry! We’ve put together some handy tips to help you remember all those tiny details that made each trip unique and unforgettable. Continue reading

Dartmouth takes in students displaced by Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

In wake of the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami, colleges and universities around the country have been canceling their Japan programs and bringing home their students who had planned to spend their semester soaking up the Japanese culture.

Dartmouth college in Hanover, New Hampshire is accepting these students due to their unique quarter system. Last year, Dartmouth accepted students displaced by the earthquakes in Haiti and Italy. Now Dartmouth is taking in seven students from Brown University and Boston University who were planning on spending the semester in Japan, but who had too late a start at their schools whose semesters started in January. Continue reading

Graduate Students Encouraged to Study Abroad

Until recently, studying abroad was a popular expedition for undergraduates caught by the travel bug, and looking to experience the world beyond daily campus life. But there seems to be a new trend on the horizon! Now, more and more graduate students are venturing beyond their classroom studies to immerse themselves in the benefits of learning abroad.

Continue reading

To Skype or Not to Skype


Skype, or video chatting by any means, has been the best thing to hit the study abroad world since they invented international calling cards.It is a free and easy way for students to keep in contact with their friends and family back home. But maybe tools like Skype and Facebook make it too easy to keep in touch. Continue reading

Being Safe While Abroad

Due to the recent disappearance of a California student studying abroad in Madrid, we thought compiling a list of helpful tips would help you feel safe while enjoying your time abroad!

Tip #1: Buddy System!
You are never too old, too wise, or too confident for the buddy system! It is simple, yet effective, and proven given it’s timeless success. No matter how well you know your city, it is always a good decision to walk home with at least one friend. Besides having good company to reminisce about the night or day’s events, walking in groups provides for a safer, more secure way of getting home. Continue reading

An Insider’s Guide to Hostels: Do You Know Where You’re Sleeping Tonight?

While travelling abroad on a students’ budget, you should expect to stay at numerous hostels. If you’ve never stayed at a hostel before, there are some things you should know… they are very different from the holiday inns you might be accustomed to. Continue reading