Introducing: Abroad101 Global Ambassadors!

Be the first of your friends to be an Abroad101 Global Ambassador for your semester abroad. We are now accepting applications for the Spring 2012 semester!

All your friends and family are stuck back here in the States, living vicariously through you, waiting for all your facebook updates, tweets and new pictures of your adventures… why not share your entire experience on the Abroad101 blog? This will not only make your friends and family very happy, but also give you an opportunity to get writing, photography and marketing experience!

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5 Things to do After Returning from Abroad

For those of you whose semester abroad has gone by in the blink of an eye, we know that you’re probably dreading the idea of leaving that new, amazing place you’ve been calling home for 4-6 months. We want to prevent you from being diagnosed with SAOD upon your return home, so we have some more tips for you to help with your re-entry adjustment! After reading Matador’s article about the 5 things NOT to do after returning from abroad (and completely agreeing with everything they mentioned), I couldn’t help but think about the things students CAN and SHOULD do to make their transition home smoother.

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Guest Blog: Top 10 Factors to Consider If You Need to Find Housing Abroad

By (Anonymous Guest Contributor)

If your study abroad program does not provide housing, has multiple housing options, or if you decide to extend your stay in a city and need to find accommodation independently, here are some important factors to consider:

1. Safety

A useful way to find out whether a place is safe is to get references from people who have stayed there. Abroad101 itself serves as a database to post reviews. Another useful resource is Transitions Abroad, which also posts past participant reports. Inquire with your individual hosts, too. Continue reading

Celebrating Thanksgiving When You’re Studying Abroad

One of my favorite memories of being in Korea last year was convincing 13 of my brave students to head to a western style restaurant with me to celebrate and enjoy the delicious comforts of a typical American Thanksgiving.  I’m still not sure if they were more nervous about being around so many foreigners, or trying turkey for the first time, which was the case for several of them. Continue reading

SA in Cape Town, SA!!

We love studying abroad (SA) and with all the recent attention we’ve been getting over in South Africa, we wanted to keep the love flowing and encourage you all to consider the 10th most popular place to study abroad, according to our recent compilation of reviews in Abroad101’s first annual study abroad rankingsContinue reading

Five Things to Avoid While Abroad

Here at Abroad101 we always love to give students some good advice on what to do while they’re studying abroad. Well, here’s a few tips on what not to do. Enjoy!

1. Getting Stuck in a Routine

Let’s be honest, routines are boring and no one likes them. You didn’t chose to study abroad to be stuck in the same agenda that you follow at home. This is your opportunity to make the most of your study abroad experience and challenge each day to be a little different, and a little bit more memorable. Break out of the waking up, class, class, class, home, dinner, bed routine and spice up your life a little bit! Find a different route to school one day, or a different way home. Find a new café or store along the way. Just imagine all the neat things you will see and experience if you decide to change up your routine a little bit each day. And, needless to say, you will become a master of all the cool little things your host city has to offer! Continue reading

Abroad101 Featured Blog: The Traveling Writer

Abroad101 interviewed Alexis Grant from the Traveling Writer. She is also the author of Please Send Pants a story of her adventures through Africa. She has also written two e-guides: How to Build a Part-time Social Media Business and How to Take a Career Break to Travel (Released on Oct.17!)

Guest Blog: The Wide World of Gap Years

Our Usa Gap Year Fair guest bloggers Robin (Thinking Beyond Borders) and Kathy (Dynamy Internship Year) continue our introduction to Gap Year Programs and how to choose the right one!

Exploring gap year options is not always an easy task. Here are some quick tips to help you find all of the options and begin to narrow them down to the best fit for you.

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How To Plan Your Traveling Abroad

A semester is a long time. A semester can seem excruciatingly long when you receive that first syllabus which outlines your entire workload for the next four months. But a semester abroad goes by in the blink of an eye! You might think that you have more than enough time to go everywhere and see everything but it tends to go by quicker than you would imagine and before you know it you’re heading back home.

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