Guest Blog Spotlight:Friends with Benefits: Sustaining Your Study Abroad Friendships

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Friends with Benefits: Sustaining Your Study Abroad Friendships

It was a typically cold Scottish night and there were eight of us squeezed together around a table at the pub. It happened to be a disco-themed music night, and the lights of the disco ball reflected off our laughing faces. We’d decided to play a game of “pass on the dance move” where one person would perform a move and then pass it on so that it continually progressed around the table. The waving of our arms and bobbing of our heads lacked any sort of choreography, but we didn’t mind. It was enjoying each other’s company that mattered the most. Continue reading

Once You Go Abroad, Likelihood of Traveling Again is in Your Odds

As we continue to collect more data, the Abroad101 team is excited to start generating reports on study abroad trends. Here is a sneak peak of some of the exciting conclusions we are finding: in this sample of 374 post-abroad students, 96% are likely to travel abroad again, 78% of whom are definitely planning on venturing outside the US for another international experience. Continue reading