We Made it to 5K!

We did it: 5,000 reviews!!
Special thanks to James Madison for appearing on the $5,000 bill, as well as the Proclaimers, who “would walk 500 miles” 10 times over to reach our total count!

Here’s to another 5,000! Thanks to all of our incredible partners and devoted students for contributing their insights to our community.

Yet Another Reason to Study Abroad: Sea Turtles & Environmental Activism!

Have you ever wondered how art can impact social activism? See what this Tufts student found during her semester in Baja California Sur with The School for Field Studies.

The School for Field Studies Alumna’s Sea Turtle Conservation Research Featured in Permanent Exhibition at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Alyssa Irizarry’s Muralism Research Showed Sea Turtle Murals Are Effective in Developing Pro-Environmental Attitudes in Baja California Sur Continue reading