Guest Blog Spotlight:Friends with Benefits: Sustaining Your Study Abroad Friendships

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Friends with Benefits: Sustaining Your Study Abroad Friendships

It was a typically cold Scottish night and there were eight of us squeezed together around a table at the pub. It happened to be a disco-themed music night, and the lights of the disco ball reflected off our laughing faces. We’d decided to play a game of “pass on the dance move” where one person would perform a move and then pass it on so that it continually progressed around the table. The waving of our arms and bobbing of our heads lacked any sort of choreography, but we didn’t mind. It was enjoying each other’s company that mattered the most. Continue reading

Once You Go Abroad, Likelihood of Traveling Again is in Your Odds

As we continue to collect more data, the Abroad101 team is excited to start generating reports on study abroad trends. Here is a sneak peak of some of the exciting conclusions we are finding: in this sample of 374 post-abroad students, 96% are likely to travel abroad again, 78% of whom are definitely planning on venturing outside the US for another international experience. Continue reading

We Made it to 5K!

We did it: 5,000 reviews!!
Special thanks to James Madison for appearing on the $5,000 bill, as well as the Proclaimers, who “would walk 500 miles” 10 times over to reach our total count!

Here’s to another 5,000! Thanks to all of our incredible partners and devoted students for contributing their insights to our community.

Yet Another Reason to Study Abroad: Sea Turtles & Environmental Activism!

Have you ever wondered how art can impact social activism? See what this Tufts student found during her semester in Baja California Sur with The School for Field Studies.

The School for Field Studies Alumna’s Sea Turtle Conservation Research Featured in Permanent Exhibition at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Alyssa Irizarry’s Muralism Research Showed Sea Turtle Murals Are Effective in Developing Pro-Environmental Attitudes in Baja California Sur Continue reading

From OK to AK: Biking for Study Abroad

For most college students, the summer is a welcome break from the stress of classes and tests when there is finally a chance to relax. Not so for Curtis Moss. The Oklahoma State junior spent his summer biking from Stillwater, Oklahoma to Anchorange, Alaska. This 4,000 mile trek was more than a physical challenge: before embarking, Moss raised money to promote study abroad both domestically and internationally. We had a chance to talk to him after his trip and hear about the ups and downs of his incredible journey north. Continue reading

Guest Blog Post: Eating My Way from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City and Stopping at Every Street Corner

On any given street corner from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, at any hour of the day or night, diners perch on miniature plastic stools, hunched over steaming bowls of noodle soup. But Vietnamese phis more than a steaming bowl of noodle soup; it is a national obsession that flirts with full-on addiction. But you can hardly blame the Vietnamese, because—and pardon my language—it’s so f***ing good. Continue reading

Sickness Abroad: Helping Yourself Heal

One of the worst experiences abroad can come from a seemingly innocent problem: getting sick. Even a mild cold can trigger homesickness as you struggle to cope with illness alone in a strange place. Here are a few tips to help you make it through, whether you have a twisted ankle or the flu. Continue reading

Guest Blog Spotlight: My Semester in Sevilla, Spain

by Carly Okyle

I thought that it would be like a scene out of The Sun Also Rises. I imagined that I would travel around Europe having outlandish, exciting adventures with The Old World as my playground, and I assumed that I would return as a sophisticated, cultured woman who’d cultivated a taste for imported wine and foreign men. Of course, I was almost a century too late to take part in Hemmingway’s world of alcoholic ex-pats. I never would have fit in anyway, since I preferred Shirley Temples and the occasional glass of Manischewitz to cups of Cognac or tumblers of scotch.  Continue reading