How to Tolerate International Air Travel

Did your mother ever tell you that old travel adage, claiming that “getting there is half the fun?” Well, Mom lied. “Getting there” sucks, especially when international flights are involved. Inflight amenities are all but disappearing and the airline always sits you next to the most unpleasant neighbors. I mean, you’re inevitably stuck with the Exhausted-Young-Couple + Screaming-Infant Combo, or the Awkward Conversationalist, or the I-was-too-busy-to-shower-but-still-found-time-to-gel-my-fauxhawk Guy. Since I take pity on travelers like you, I’ve come up with some tips to make international air travel tolerable. You can thank me when you land. Continue reading

What’s New In Study Abroad?

Short Term Study Abroad Rises In Popularity

A new trend is emerging in the world of study abroad: short term study. While the number of students studying abroad has increased steadily over the past decade, short term programs–usually less than a month long–are now seeing a rise in popularity. Continue reading

9 Reasons to Study Abroad

1. See the world while earning college credit

There’s no mystery behind why the majority of Americans who study abroad do so as undergrads: College is the ideal time to take a risk and take off. As a young student, you have the flexibility to pack up and ship out to a foreign country for a summer, semester, or even a year. And since most U.S. colleges and universities will award academic credit for courses taken abroad, studying abroad is a great opportunity to continue your studies while simultaneously exploring your world. Continue reading

5 Ways to Create a European Adventure


The train is one of the most beautiful, relaxing, and economical ways to travel around Europe. Unlike in the United states, where trains are somewhat infrequent and notoriously unreliable, almost every European city has a train station with many daily departures… and they’re punctual! Also, while air travel requires the traveler to get to the airport at least an hour before take off, getting to the train station fifteen minutes early is usually ample time. Continue reading