2009 IIE Open Doors Report Released

On November 16, IIE released their annual Open Doors Report. It gives a range of data on international education from the 2007/2008 academic school year. This years’ report shows that the number of Americans studying abroad grew by 8.5% to 262,416 students studying overseas. It also states that over the past twenty years, study abroad has increased fourfold. Continue reading

Whats New in Study Abroad

There are always new and exciting things happening in the world of study abroad! Here are some quick highlights:

Interested in being green while studying abroad? IES Study Abroad recently announced new programs they will be hosting which are part of a “go green” initiative for study abroad. Starting in the Fall of 2010 students will have the opportunity to take part in the “Freiburg Environmental Studies Program”. Here, they will take classes in environmental studies and sustainability. Along with the Frieburg program, IES will also be offering environmental studies classes on some of their sites throughout the world. Read more about IES’ environmental initiatives here. Continue reading

Guest Blog Spotlight: My Nontraditional Study Abroad – at the Sorbonne

Guest Blogger: Angela Arnold

Most people study abroad during their college or their high school years. I decided to do things differently and study abroad as a full time teacher and graduate student.

You see, I studied French in high school and came to love the language and culture. During my college years, I had a single-minded quest to graduate as quickly as possible and start living my life. Study abroad never entered the picture. Continue reading

Guest Blog Spotlight: Central America

Guest Blogger: Martha Staid

Whether you’re planning to study abroad or just want to travel somewhere cheap and off-the-beaten-path, Central America is a great destination. Here are five top places to visit, and things to do there. All of these towns are easily walkable and have Spanish language schools, if you want to brush up on your español or start from scratch. Continue reading

Ten Packing tips for the Study Abroad Student

Ten Packing tips for the Study Abroad Student

Whether you are studying abroad for a week, month, semester or year, packing can be a daunting activity. To make the whole process a little easier, here are some tips on how to pack for study abroad like a pro.

1. If you are planning on studying abroad in Europe do not bother packing sweatpants. Maybe pack one pair to lounge around your apartment or dorm room in but I promise you NO ONE in Europe wears them and if you do you will be stared at. Do not waste the space. Continue reading

Volunteering While Studying Abroad

While studying abroad is a wonderful way to experience another culture, it often provides students with a somewhat limited scope of the country they are in. Many study abroad programs place students in dorms and classes solely comprised of other American students. Others put students in home stays and in classes with native students but interaction can still be limited. For students who want more, volunteering while studying abroad is a great option. Classroom time requires that you learn about new places out of textbooks – volunteering provides a first hand way to gain a better understanding of your new city’s culture. Continue reading

Whats next? Volunteering Abroad

While studying abroad is an incredible way to see the world, it is just one way to do so. After studying in another country, many students find themselves itching to go abroad again. Some choose to study abroad for another semester, while others choose a new path. Volunteering abroad is a great way experience the world, gain insight and also make a significant change in a community. There are volunteering opportunities to fit any interest you may have. You can do anything — work with children, save wildlife or help improve health care environments in impoverished countries. Continue reading

How to Tolerate International Air Travel

Did your mother ever tell you that old travel adage, claiming that “getting there is half the fun?” Well, Mom lied. “Getting there” sucks, especially when international flights are involved. Inflight amenities are all but disappearing and the airline always sits you next to the most unpleasant neighbors. I mean, you’re inevitably stuck with the Exhausted-Young-Couple + Screaming-Infant Combo, or the Awkward Conversationalist, or the I-was-too-busy-to-shower-but-still-found-time-to-gel-my-fauxhawk Guy. Since I take pity on travelers like you, I’ve come up with some tips to make international air travel tolerable. You can thank me when you land. Continue reading

What’s New In Study Abroad?

Short Term Study Abroad Rises In Popularity

A new trend is emerging in the world of study abroad: short term study. While the number of students studying abroad has increased steadily over the past decade, short term programs–usually less than a month long–are now seeing a rise in popularity. Continue reading